Nationality: Japan
Country of Residence: Japan


• In addition to her reputed flower shop “Flower Boutique Yoshii” n Tokyo, she is engaged in designing a lot of prestigious flower display at hotels and gallery in Tokyo.
• Also her expertise is to design artificial flower bouquet and flower dress.
• Last year, she showcased her artistic dress with Champa flowers through ADDP show and received big applause from audience in 2016 Lao Fashion Week.
• Since 2013, she has joined ADDP activities
• In October 2016, she organized Wreeth Exhibition together with prestigious artists both Mr. Hideki HATAKEYAMA and Ms. Emi HASHIMOTO at gallery “Kai “in Kichijoji
• Norie learnt the art o flower decoration career own and she won several international competition.
• 2012 Flower Art Awards Second prize
• 2014 Rose Arrangement Awards in Tokyo Grand Prix
• 2015 France Ceret Mayors Cup the third prize
• 2016 Flower Art Award Tokyo Second Prize
• SNS popular vote the First prize
• 2017 Exhibition at Kichijyoji Gallery KAI
• 2017 Flower Art Award  the 5th Prize
• 2018 Kichijoji Tokyo Gallery kai Exhibiton
• 2018 Shinjuku Keio Plaza Hotel Display
• Roppongi ISETAN Salon Christmas Special Wreath Sales, Yotsuya Tokyo-do Display
• Or more various awards were received.

The theme of LFW2019 is “Colorful” Clothes wearing model are made by many small art creators.
You can enjoy colorful views in this year.