Don Protasio

Nationality: Cambodia
Country of Residence: Cambodia
Our philosophy is slow workmanship made to create a lifelong product. To inflict the least harm on the makers, wearer and environment. To create awareness of the beauty of clothing which originates with love and care and which will carry that atmosphere as it improves with age and wear. Working with traditional construction techniques, the collection is hand made by a single sewer that produces each garment from beginning to end, and not by current production methodology of piece work, with each sewer doing one small job repetitively, so as to speed up garment manufacture. Our clothing is not made in a conventional factory. It is a timeless, quality-made clothing line made to last a lifetime. Making people more aware of the effort and resources that go into making clothes would help provide greater respect for it, and make people less inclined to discard them. The clothing is carefully crafted, without season, time, age or trend. Our style is inspired by a philosophy that embraces quietude and modesty. It celebrates sober refinement and appears simple or rustic and show signs of age; a reminder of the transience and imperfection of all things. It is the opposite of vulgarity; it's the kind of style, that doesn’t announce itself, doesn’t immediately make you ask who the designer is, but floats beyond such mundane signifiers into an empyreal dimension that is labelproof. The clothes are particularly alluring to people who are looking to play with their own personas rather than buying into a designer’s imprimatur or slavishly following the latest latest. People whose relationship with fashion is a private transaction rather than an exchange meant to be assessed and priced by others.