Nationality: Germany
Country of Residence: Indonesia
Sudiana von Rimscha is absolutely thrilled to participate in this year's "Lao Fashion Week". It is his fifth appearance overall, and the second time he showcases his own brand ESS VEE AR. "I love to come back to my old home Vientiane", he says. His signature remains extravagant evening wear in an eclectic mix of styles. ESS VEE AR again lavishly employs embroideries, appliances, and borders on long dresses that quote European, Arab, and Asian influences. White and silver are dominant colours, but anything but exclusive. Sudiana works with chiffon, Japanese and Lao silk, but also with cotton and used denim. His modern silhouettes quote the 1920s. "I studied many old photos of my great-grandmother's time", he says. "I love the elegance of the classic, early movie days - and I want to recover that what seems lost." Sudiana personally has been a strong supporter of the good causes the LFW supports from the beginning. He and his partner, former German Ambassador to Laos Robert von Rimscha as the chief auctioneer at LFW, have raised very significant funds for the professional education of young Lao designers in Europe over the years. As always, ESS VEE AR's proceeds will go to the same philanthropic cause. Sudiana von Rimscha is an Indonesian born German who most recently lived in Tokyo/Japan, Vientiane/Lao PDR, Berlin/Germany, and Washington DC/USA. The "Bangkok Post" has called him "show-stopping and ravishing". He launched ESS VEE AR in 2017.