Julius Tarog

Nationality: Philippines
Country of Residence: Philippines
“The collection tells about my identity and pride as a Filipino. My designs are modern and contemporary. For those you scour for unique fabrics I have chosen Abra Inabel fabrics because it is not found anywhere in the world but only in the Philippines. The Inabel is HANDWOVEN, HAND DYED and HAND EMBROIDERED from a weaving community that was made using an age old craft. I want to mix it in today's modern technology and fabrics. I believe that even the woven designs of Abra Inabel is more than a century could still fit and remain relevant in today's lifestyle.” Said Julius Tarog, the well known designer from Philippines who graces various international runways yearly including New Year Fashion Week. At Lao Fashion Week, Julius will present his Fall-Winter 2018 RTW Collection on 12th September 2017.