Justin Yap

Nationality: Malaysia
Country of Residence: Malaysia
With the raw talent of a frisky designer-to-be and a humble pie background in watching his grandmother sew, KL-born Justin Yap spent his childhood crafting woven dreams of becoming his own brand. This self-assured lad approaches fashion with much appreciation for juxtaposition; his love for contrasting colors show brightness in every collection, but none more so than his signature hue of bold turquoise. In 2012, Justin Yap founded his womenswear Ready-to-wear line named Justin Yap Collection which is currently stocking in singapore. The brand sees its garments as functioning limbs of one’s self-confidence. The collection stems from Justin’s elaborations on simple principles of construction and form, drawing simultaneously from couture and tailoring traditions with a reasonable dose of luxury. The brand also has its own line of shoes made to fit the modern women of today. Twisted classics with a taste of equally strong colors and exotic leather meticulously crafted by hand, his shoes play a strong part in creating his ideal woman; one of a kind in a mind of her own. The line is called Justin Yap Soles.