Nationality: Malaysia
Country of Residence: Malaysia
V A R I A N T E was created for modern, empowered modest women who demand comfort, style and versatility in their clothes. Artisan touch by LESLIE VARIYAN and intricate bead work is used throughout the collections to create the ethereal and timeless VARIANTE aesthetic. The brand, launched in 2005, has retrieved the elements of classic and modern tailoring and brought them into a variation of contemporary modest fashion with more than 10 stores in Kuala Lumpur's premium retail addresses. “To me, designing clothes comes naturally.” Says Leslie. “When I hold a piece of material in my hands, and feel its softness and flow, I can already imagine its drape along the feminine body. That comes so easily to me. Working with clothes and design gives me an euphoria” Designs are created to exude charm and enhance a woman's confidence and innate sense of style. Creations at V A R I A N T E bring out the best in women without clouding their natural femininity and project a style that is unique yet recognizable because it is strong, gentle and alluring; in other words, everything a woman should be. At V A R I A N T E, opulent and rich fabrics are available for selection and the prices for couture will depend on the design and fabric chosen. The discerning modern woman can expect to pay between RM129 – RM799 for quality fashionable pieces at V A R I A N T E. BACKGROUND: Leslie Variyan is the undisputed master of ready to wear and a leading representative of contemporary style and creativity in the world of fashion retail. Leslie Variyan was Head Designer for Isetan Kuala Lumpur and the Creative Designer at Ms Read (plus size label) and currently the Creative and Managing Director of VARIANTE since 2004. Leslie’s creations of ready to wear are well known among royalties, celebrities and socialites in Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei.