An Nhien

Nationality: Viet Nam
Country of Residence: Viet Nam
An Nhien is known for its feminine and sensual look. The brand was founded and designed by Lê Nguyễn An Nhiên in early 2000s. This Vietnamese based designer’s achievement including the Top 18 Vietnam Collection Grandprix 2008, Top 3 of Aquafina Pure Fashion 2009, Vietnamese designer representative join in Asian Aquafina Pure Fashion 2009, Vietnamese Fashion Week Spring Summer 2014/Autumn Winter 2014, Fashion and Passion show, Fashion and Character show, Fashion and the Life show, Style and the Life show, Phnom Penh Fashion week 2015, Lao Fashion Week 2015, FTV show, Fashion TV Party Event 2016, Miss Vietnam World 2016. Her collections were featured in various global fashion magazines including ELLE, DEP MAGAZINE, HERWORLD, BAZZAR.