Eggamon Attagamon

Nationality: Thailand
Country of Residence: Thailand
Being in the fashion industry for more than 30 years, Eaggamon has done almost of every positions in this business, such as fashion stylist, fashion editor, choreographer, lecturer, mentor, modeling, couture designer, ready to wear designer, costume designer, winner of young designer contest and also a judge. Two decades ago he launched his first label under the name ‘Eagga’ the business had been doing well for years but he had to close it down because the department store where his brand located was on fired. Three years ago he brought his brand back to runway again but this time he named it ‘EAGGAMON’, the same to his first name. EAGGAMON is a resort-wear brand which contains a mixing touch of ethnic and modernity. “Our clothes are untraditional tradition, non-seasonal and unisex...” Eaggamon said. Harem pants became a brand signature immediately after the first look had been launched this summer, February 2018. Since then he has got plenty of Harem pants pre-orders from his customers almost every day, at least 7 to 10 pairs of pants a day. For Lao Fashion Week 2018 Eaggamon wants to do something more fun but still an elegant resort-wear, for example he will mix 4 or 5 different prints in one look. Eaggamon said he still wants to put both characters, ‘the playful’ and ‘the heritage’, together in his spring & summer 2019 collection too.